Tony Blair’s top software timewasters

Tony Blair’s top software timewasters

Tony on guitarSo, after 10 historic years as British Prime Minister, Tony Blair has left Parliament for the last time. The retiring PM will no doubt be spending some time basking in the praise he’s been getting from people like George Bush and Bono (and of course, trying to ignore everyone who’s glad to see the back of him), but what will he do next? Well Tony, if you’re back home reading insideTonic and wondering how you’re going to fill the days from now on then why not download some PC software to pass the time? We think these will come in particularly useful:

1. AbiWord – Typing up your memoirs is going to take you a while. Save yourself some money now you’re unemployed by using this impressive free word processor rather than paying for MS Office.

2. Risk – If you ever get hungry for power again then you’ll have to settle for pretend politics, I’m afraid. This computerized version of the classic game of world domination might be just what you’re looking for.

3. Guitar Pro – We all know you like to play the guitar so why not resurrect your dreams of becoming the next Jimi Hendrix with this comprehensive guitar tuition application?

4. Peacemaker – Rumour has it that you’re thinking about a move into the UN to help resolve conflict in the Middle East. The object of this game is to try and resolve the crisis by playing as the Israeli or the Palestinian leader, so you can see if you’re up to the job.

5. Envisioneer Express – Now that Gordon Brown has turfed you out of Number 10, you’re going to have to get yourself a new pad. Put a smile on Cherie’s face by creating a dream home using this 3D home design tool.

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