Tools to subtitle your films

Tools to subtitle your films

Miss Teen USA subtitledI always prefer subtitling over dubbing. Dubbing can often make a mockery of a good film, especially if it’s done badly. I once saw The Godfather in German and Marlon Brando just sounded ridiculous – I just don’t believe that dubbing does anyone any good. If you’re a video enthusiast, or you’ve got tons of DivX films that are without subtitles in your own language, then here are some tools to help you make professional looking subtitles.

Subtitle Workshop
is one of the best and most comprehensive packages out there. It supports all types of subtitle format and by previewing your film as you subtitle it, makes it extremely easy o merrily type away as your film plays. It also includes a spell checker which is a must for any kind of program like this – there’s nothing worse than badly spelled subtitles (except a dubbed film of course). Winsubtitler does a similar job with a slightly more basic interface and it doesn’t support as many formats but it’s a good alternative if you find Subtitle Workshop too tricky.

If on the other hand, you’ve already got some subtitles but they’re either damaged or don’t work properly, help is at hand with Subtitle Processor which can even repair those subtitles damaged on commercial DVDs. At the end of all your hard work, if you’re still having trouble viewing your subtitles in a DivX player, then CoolSoft DivX Subtitle Displayer can display DivX subtitles along any kind of media player.

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