Top 10 arcade shooter games on Mac

Top 10 arcade shooter games on Mac

ArcadromeBattlezone, Space Invaders or Asteroids: you name it, the arcade shooter genre is still one of the best when it comes to gaming. One reason is probably that games that you played 20 years back are still as fun and exciting today on your Mac as they were in the 80s on your Amstrad or in a classic arcade room.

I’ve recently noticed that the Mac is packed with excellent futuristic shoot ’em up titles filled with bursting explosions, arsenals of lasers, missiles and machine guns and gigantic bosses trying to turn you into space dust. If you think you’re up to the task of saving the galaxy, give a go at one of the following excellent titles:

  • Neon Tango – Glowing wired graphics and original powerups in 50 exciting levels.
  • Alien Abduction – Three game modes and a tactical aspect in this outer space thriller.
  • Pangea Arcade – A collection of three classics: Nucleus, Warheads and Firefall.
  • SketchFighter – Space battles in sketchbook style.
  • Atomic Cannon – A strategic artillery tank duel in 25 different landscapes.
  • Arcadrome – Protect Planet Earth from the vile Aliens in 100 gripping levels.
  • JETS’N’GUNS GOLD – A side scrolling shooter with 270 different enemies and 16 bosses.
  • WingNuts – Play through time, defeating enemies from the 1920s to the future with your battleship.
  • Jack of All Trades – Go bounty hunting in space and become rich.
  • Galcon – Send swarms of ships to gain control of the galaxy.
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