Top 10 desktop customization tools

0t_xpize_thumb.jpgIf you want to give a different style to your desktop, you can always go into the Display Properties and then change your chosen color, wallpaper and screen saver but that’s really pretty much it. In short, if you want to go hardcore in desktop tweaking, you’re going to need some expert help. We’ve selected 10 applications, that were given good ratings by Softonic users, and that let you play around with the aspects of your PC.

  • Active Multiwallpaper Changer – Manage, set and edit all the images you want to place as backgrounds on your desktop. This program makes sure that you always have a new wallpaper on your PC, thanks to 6 different filtering methods. One thing though, is it really that necessary to set hotkeys to change backgrounds?
  • Aston – This one ditches the standard Windows desktop for a completely new look with sidebars and transparent effects. The developer page also features a collection of themes based on the Aston look. Some of them are pretty stunning.
  • Style XP – Instead of offering you a totally new interface, Style XP gives you advanced options to customize the look of your XP desktop. While the many options in this program might frighten off new users, Style XP should delight users who have the patience to tweak things like font size, boot screen or transparency levels of windows.
  • FlyakiteOSX – Installing this pack is the first step you should take before buying a Mac. Just joking. FlyakiteOSX recreates the look and feel of the Mac desktop on your PC. It looks good and you can even activate the genie effect on icons.
  • Webshots Desktop – Thanks to a huge library of images, Webshots Desktop can guarantee you’ll never see the same wallpaper all year long. This program doubles as a photo sharing service and you can easily drag and drop your own snaps online or keep them in your Webshots Desktop collection of background images.
  • WindowBlinds – An all around customization tool, Windowblinds lets you add new skins, themes, toolbars and more to your PC. Just like Aston, this program will totally revamp your PC. The difficulty is choosing the style that suits you most.
  • ObjectDock – Another tool to get you in the Mac spirit, this program gives your Windows navigation the feel and look of OS X.
  • XPize – A GUI enhancer for PC, this program will swap your basic icons for new ones. The program completely updates the look of your PC automatically.
  • Talisman Desktop – Talisman builds a completely new interface for your desktop. The Talisman work space, where programs appear as objects of different forms and dimensions, is another way of structuring your desktop yet you’ll need a bit of time to get accustomed to it.
  • IconX – Change the icons on your PC and everything will look like new. IconX lets you modify your icons by adding a whole range of cool effects like drop shadow or zoom.
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