Top 10 racing games

Top 10 racing games

schumacher21.jpgThis Saturday sees the start of the new Formula 1 season in Melbourne, promising more high-octane thrills and spills than ever. This year’s competition looks like it might be pretty interesting thanks to a host of new drivers and cars, plus the departure of the win-aholic Michael Schumacher.

If you’re anything like us then once you start watching the race you’ll get the sudden urge to get into a car and drive it very quickly. The trouble is that, unless you want to wave goodbye to your driving licence, this isn’t really possible. However, you can get your fix of adrenaline using your PC by downloading one of the many racing games out there.

Things have come a long way since the days of Out Run on the Sega Master System, with titles such as Need For Speed delivering a realistic driving experience at trouser-wetting speeds. That’s not to say that simple motoring games aren’t still great, as proven by Softonic’s number one, Drag Racer. Here are the most popular games in our Driving Games section:

1. Drag Racer – Pimp your ride then race against other vehicles
2. Rig Racer 2 – Compete against super trucks
3. CrashDay – Drive, fight and compete in this intense racer
4. GTI Racing – Drive 10 generations of VW classics
5. Racer – Cross-platform 3D racing simulator
6. Need For Speed: Most Wanted – Become the most notorious driver
7. TrackMania – Design and race on impossible circuits
8. Championsheep Rally – Have fun with this cute sheep racer
9. Need For Speed Carbon – The most customisable Need For Speed yet
10. TrackMania Nations – Impressive free online racing sim

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