Top 10 software tools for the home

home-software.gifSometimes software applications can be of great help even in situations where you wouldn’t expect them to be useful at all. A good example is managing a household, which involves many different issues such as controlling expenses, tracking the family’s diet, taking care of your pet or dealing with children’s colds. Believe it or not, software can help you take care of all of them! Just take a look at the list below and see for yourself.

  • Money Manager helps you track home expenses, bank accounts and credit cards
  • Cars keeps records of all repairing and maintenance work done to the family’s car
  • Pet Health manages visits to the vet and other issues related to your best friend
  • Envisioneer Express can help you designing a new design for any room at home before actually starting to move any furniture
  • HeyDoc! allows you to control all issues relating to the family’s health! Visits to the doctor, vaccine shots, medical prescriptions and more
  • Recipe4Win includes a collection of thousands of recipes so that you never run out of ideas when preparing family meals
  • Food Additives displays all available information about most additives found nowadays in food.
  • Fitness Assistant helps you manage the whole family’s sport routines. Mens sana in corpore sano!
  • WinCatalog Standard enables you to create a catalog with all your books and movies, organizing your collection and tracking loans
  • Agelong Tree brings your family background back to life by enabling you to build own family tree
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