Top 10 virtual desktop apps

Top 10 virtual desktop appsI personally like having very few icons on my desktop, so that I can show off a nice wallpaper image and I don’t get lost among dozens of shortcuts. But I know other people have a strange tendency to collect as many desktop icons as they can, eventually running out of space.

If you’re any of them, check out this list of virtual desktop tools and you’ll always have a few spare pixels for one more shortcut.

  • VirtuaWin Portable – An open-source tool that lets you have up to 20 virtual desktops
  • Shock 4Way 3D – Four virtual desktops that show up in an attractive 3D environment
  • CubeDesktop – Have up to six desktops, one for each side of a 3D animated cube
  • Deskspace – Another 3D virtual desktop utility for improved productivity
  • Virtual Desktop Manager – Multiply your desktop by four with this Microsoft powertoy
  • XDESK – Virtual desktop manager with some interesting extra tools
  • Dextop – Have up to 20 virtual desktops with this easy, simple tool
  • 9Desks – A handy manager that lets you have up to 9 virtual desktops
  • ManageDesk – Organize your work more effectively with 4 independent desktops
  • Microdesk – For those who really need loads of space: up to 99 virtual desktops!
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