Top 3D viewing applications



3D glassesThe ability to manipulate, manage and create images in 3D is one of the greatest advances that computing enables designers to do. Now, designs, prototypes and special effects that would would have been extremely expensive to create for real can be reproduced and changed at will for absolutely nothing. If you’re a design professional, or especially if you’re involved in CAD, then you’ll probably deal with 3D objects and images on a daily basis. If you’re into 3D art, you’ll need a decent viewer to admire your creations or share them with colleagues and friends. Or, if you just want to breathe new life into a photo collection, why not consider running through a 3D viewer? Here is a list of five top viewers that can handle just about any 3D image:

Free DWG Viewer
– Designed especially for CAD professionals and uses ActiveX

Alteros 3D – Simple but powerful 3D viewer with 3D text editing options

Pictomio – View and convert your photos to 3D

Presenter – Adds 3D effects to presentations and slideshows

CyberMotion 3D-Designer
– Specifically a 3D design tool but also features an advanced viewer

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