Top 5 Firefox add-ons for social networks

Top 5 Firefox add-ons for social networksI admit it: one of the first things I do in the morning, together with checking my email and reading RSS feeds, is going over my diverse personal profiles in Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. It’s not until you join a few of them that you start to realize how time-consuming they can be!

I’ve decided to search for a way to minimize the amount of time devoted to these social networks, and come up with a bunch of handy Firefox add-ons. With these extensions you can update your profile and check your friends’ online activities from a sidebar or toolbar, without having to visit the correspondent website. It’s the perfect way to feed your online social side while saving time for other surely more productive tasks.

  • Twitterfox – a really easy and fast way to publish tweets directly from Firefox.
  • Facebook Toolbar – integrate your Facebook life onto your favorite browser.
  • Flickrfox – enjoy your favorite Flickr photos at any moment, from any website.
  • YouPlayer -watch Youtube videos non-stop in a browser’s sidebar.
  • Unofficial MySpace Toolbar – login to MySpace right from the Firefox interface.
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