Top 5 Firefox extensions for web developers

Elena Santos


Extensions for web designersCreating a website is certainly not an easy task. There are many things you must take into account, such as choosing a design that’s simple, yet attractive enough for our visitors, organizing information in an appropriate, easy-to-browse structure or making sure the website is properly viewed on every platform with different web browsers.

Talking about browsers, if you use Firefox for your daily work, you’ll be glad to know there are several extensions that can be very helpful in website design and development. Have a look at the following list and see for yourself:

  • Firebug – edit, debug and monitor CSS or HTML on any webpage
  • ColorZilla – add a color picker, a ruler and a zoom tool to your browser
  • Web Developer – probably the most complete set of development tools for Firefox
  • IE Tab – see how your work looks in Internet Explorer without leaving Firefox
  • Screengrab – take a screenshot of a complete webpage from top to bottom

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