Top 5 folder management tools

FolderFolders are one of the best things about using Windows but can also be a curse. It’s easy to soon get lost in the number of folders you create or lose track of which folders contain which files, especially if you create folders within folders. The other problem is that folders are also very vulnerable to invasions of privacy or Trojans snooping around your PC for confidential information. Unfortunately, Windows doesn’t really offer any effective tools for organising folders other than the option to order them by size, name and date when you right click on them. That’s why you might find some of these tools useful for more effective folder management.

  • Folder Lock – Protect and hide your private folders
  • iColorFolder – Add colours to your folders for easier recognition
  • MyFolder Free – Create your own icons for folders according to their contents
  • MedalFolders – Add your favourite folders to the Windows Start menu
  • Folder Size – List the folders on your computer with detailed size stats
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