Top 5 Google Chrome extensions

Top 5 Google Chrome extensions

At this point the internet browser has become a ubiquitous life tool. To the point that, when you think about searching for something online, the first thing you think of is not the browser but the search engine or webpage you want.

All of which got us thinking – maybe it’s time we paid this all important, but often forgotten, part of our digital lives a little love. Which is why we have put together our list of the top five Google Chrome extensions.

First up, for music fans, we have UpNext. This extension helps you to find any song you want from either SoundCloud or YouTube’s vast catalogs, and plays them in the background while you work. With a good range of search filters – including what is popular on Reddit – hunting down the track you want should be simple.

Now if you are reading this among dozens of open tabs, have you considered that they are all quietly consuming resources and slowing down your machine? Well, they are – and The Great Suspend is here to help. This little tool will completely pause any inactive tabs, preventing them from placing strain on your system’s resources while you work.

If opening a new Chrome tab feels a little mundane then you need Momentum – the extension that fills empty tabs with a plethora of information, from inspirational messages to the current weather. The only problem is you can add so much stuff that, by the time you are done reading it, you might have forgotten the reason you opened the tab.

For everyone tired of filling in online forms, user names, and passwords, the extension you need Dashlane (Windows|Mac) – a password manager that automatically fills in forms and logs you into services. Just install it, enter all of your information, and Dashline completely automates this dull process.

Finally, for everyone who likes to use all of the web’s worldwide fun, there is the Google Translate (iOS|Android) extension. All you have to do is let it know your native language then, whenever you select a foreign word, it will automatically display its translation.

There are 1000s more extensions for Chrome, but these are the five we think are best – if you disagree let us know in the comments. We will be back in seven days with the top five Windows 10 exclusive apps. See you then.

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