Top 5 music apps

Top 5 music apps

Last week we said we would bring you the best music editing apps and, ever true to our word, we have. So put those headphones on, crank up the volume, and get ready to become a mobile maestro.

Our opening act is the fantastic Beatwave (iOS), a thumping app with an intuitive interface that lets you easily loop and layer your samples. Just add the instruments you want and set them to repeat – you can then play around with their tempo, add in other tracks, and even import samples from other apps to create sweet music.

Every band needs their percussion section, and ours is Drumpads (iOS). The developer of this little tool releases new sounds monthly and provides a slew of YouTube tutorials to make sure you are making the most of the content. Best of all you can easily save and share all of your creations.

Figure (iOS) is an app for all digital DJs who want to experience what a good touch interface could do for their art. Utilizing gestures, swipes, touch, and drag across its many musical tools, Figure lets you intuitively manipulate, sound, beat, and intensity of individual elements with playful analogue simplicity. Android and Windows users can try Music Maker Jam instead.

Our next app is actually more of a game that uses physics and your interactions to create original joyous tunes. The app’s name is MUSYC (iOS), and it doesn’t just sound incredible it looks it too, with a beautiful color palate and geometric style that perfectly sets off the audio.

The grand finale of the show is Keezy (iOS), an app that lets you turn your voice into an instrument. Yes, we can all make beatbox-like sounds, but Keezy lets you easily layer your attempts until you sound like a real pro. Unfortunately, it only available for iOS, but Android users can always try Beat Box for something similar.

So, those are our five recommendations of musical apps for you to try. Next week we will be bringing you the top five video editing apps, be sure to check back on Softonic for that.

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