Top 5 registry cleaners and tweakers



Registry Mechanic logoIf you’re experiencing startup errors, programs not working properly or general crashes and freezes of your machine, then the likelihood is that you’ve got some errors in your registry. Your registry contains some of Window’s most important components which form the backbone of many programs. If any of these entries get corrupted or damaged, Windows can start to malfunction in all kinds of erratic ways. Fortunately there are several tools out there designed to search and destroy such errors, or at least repair those registry values that have become damaged. Here are 5 of the best:

Registry Mechanic – One of the best all-round registry optimisers and cleaners

– Simple but fast and effective registry cleaner

RegCure – One of the first truly effective registry cleaners and optimisers

RegSeeker – Shows in detail what’s wrong or infected in your registry

Free Window Registry Repair
– A simple but solid starting point for registry problems

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