Top 7 apps for teachers

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With hundreds of great programs available for teachers to use, it can be difficult to figure out which software is the fit best with the needs of your specific classroom. That being said, there is some software that is useful for any classroom. The right program improves the student experience and helps the teacher cut back on all that organizing. Take a look at some of the best software that any teacher can use.


Top 7 software programs for educators

7. Trello

Trello is a great organizational tool for businesses, but it also can be used to facilitate class projects. If your class is working on something as a group, or in groups, then you may find Trello to be the perfect tool to keep them on track and monitor their work.

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6. Google Classroom

If you’ve never heard of Google Classroom, you’re missing out. This software can save you so much time and money by providing its own source of paper, writing tools, and other basic classroom functions. You can even use it as a way to manage the classroom when you’re not at work, instead of shuffling through mountains of papers and documents.

Google Classroom Free Download

5. YouTube (TED Talks)

No matter what subject you are teaching, someone has created a YouTube video on the topic you’re trying to convey to your students. Using these YouTube videos can be a great source of alternative teaching for students who learn better through videos. The TED Talks YouTube channel is particularly useful since the topics covered are incredibly diverse.

YouTube Free Download

4. Teachers Report Assistant

This program is designed to help with the management of report cards and grade keeping. You can also use it to create rubrics and use those rubrics within the program as a grading scale.

Teachers Report Assistant Free Download

3. QuizFaber

A great free program for making tests and quizzes. You can use it to make any type of quiz from multiple choice to true and false.

QuizFaber Free Download

2. Moodle

Similar to Google Classroom, Moodle is perfect for creating an online classroom environment. Teachers can use it to organize their materials, while students are able to use it to keep track of their daily schedule.

Moodle Free Download

1. StudyBlue

Study guides can be helpful for many students, but creating them is sometimes more trouble than they are worth. StudyBlue lets you create, distribute and save study material for students to access at any time.

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Each of these apps can improve your classroom in unique ways. You may even find yourself using all of them! Looking for more resources?  Our Softonic Solutions community has selected six programs that are perfect for teachers, so be sure to check out their list as well.

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