Top games utilities for Mac

Game controllerIn the past, when it came to games, Mac users always seemed to be left with the short end of the stick compared to their PC counterparts. Yet, with the release of solid virtualization software like Apple’s Boot Camp, Parallels Desktop or VMWare’s Fusion most of them can now play games titles for PC directly on their Mac. I also believe that there’s a wide enough variety of games coming out on Mac, with big titles more and more attracted to the Mac OS platform. In all, the future of gaming on Mac is looking good. If you look hard enough, you’ll also see there quite a lot of good utilities to improve your overall gaming experience on Mac. Let’s take a look at some of these:

  • Aspyr Game Agent – Browse games from one of the major Mac distributors online. You can also check if your Mac meets the minimum requirements for any title.
  • ControllerMate – All you hardcore Mac game geeks out there can fully customize their keyboard and mouse and add all sorts of complex functions.
  • GameRanger – A multiplayer online gaming service with access to more than a 100 popular titles like Medal of Honor or Dungeon Siege. Good if you like playing games online with strangers.
  • Unity – Feeling creative? With Unity you can design and produce your own game environment from scratch.
  • Pipmak – A bit more complex than Unity, Pipmak is another game engine that allows you to build games similar to the Myst series.
  • GamePad Companion – Easily configure your game pad to play any game on your Mac.
  • GameLauncher – A useful tool to have around, GameLauncher will quit selected applications, to make sure the game you’re playing can run smoothly.
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