Top Lightroom presets for optimizing the workflow

Top Lightroom presets for optimizing the workflow
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Many photographers and retouchers often get confused and cannot choose the program or the software to optimize their image post processing. Very important tools for speeding up the process of photographic retouching are professional Lightroom presets. They have special saved settings of all image parameters (colors, shadows, tints, contrast, and clarity) which enhance the quality of the photo in Adobe Lightroom fast and easy. There are so many LR plugins and sometimes it can be difficult to find good ones in Google.

The international photo retouching company FixThePhoto expands the list of their services by providing free Lightroom presets. The specialists of this New York-based company worked hard and created 200 amazing packages of different Lightroom presets for professional photographers and amateur retouchers. Below there is the list of 9 best Lightroom presets they offer.

1. Black and white preset bundles

The first in the list of top Lightroom presets is the set of black-and-white effects, without which no romantic photo post processing can be done. Only these two elegant colors can give pictures chic, sadness & nostalgia, joy & refinement. Black and white photo retouching also hides unnecessary elements and smoke out photos. This LR preset can be applied to children, wedding, portrait and landscape photography.

2. The best Lightroom presets for weddings

This kind of LR plugins are made for photographers who like to retouch thousands of photos very fast. Inspired by soft tones and film effect, these wedding Lightroom presets make creamy and subtle hues and improve with the perfect amount of sophistication and style. Retouchers and wedding photographers use this pack of wedding Lightroom presets and bring out the best in all wedding images. This bundle includes exclusive, high quality LR effects for use with all kinds of wedding images: family, group, children, couple or engagement photography.

3. Bundle of Lightroom presets for portraits

Speed up and improve your photo retouching workflow with these free Lightroom presets for portraits. They improve the quality of photos, correct visible skin defects, make color correction of the background and adjust the color palette. View the before and after examples and choose the effect you need: B&W, Vintage, Film, Soft, Sepia, Matte, etc. Download these Lightroom presets for portraits and amaze your customers with fashion and High End outcomes.

4. Matte Lightroom presets

This is the most popular pack of Lightroom presets Reddit offers. The matte Adobe Lightroom presets are stunning, and make your photographs pop. These professional Lightroom presets free can add a beautiful matte effect to your images easily. Having run the LR plugin you may have to change the sliders in Adobe LR to achieve the look you want.

5. Film LR presets

Lightroom film presets free will surprise you with a natural effect of old movie.

This kind of LR filters was included in the best free Lightroom presets 2016 list, and stays at the peak of its popularity among wedding and event photographers due to its being unusual effect. Some settings  of this package can imitate the old analog film look with your modern DSLR images in several clicks.

6. LR presets for landscapes

Many LR presets for landscapes allow photographers enhance the natural colors and shades, improve the clarity and image quality as well. The photo will look brightly and more lively. Adjust brightness and contrast as well as color palette to make sure that landscape photographs that you have as an end result look their best. Landscape LR filters can become the part of the best Lightroom presets for weddings, because many wedding photos are taken outdoors.

7. HDR Lightroom presets

How to use Lightroom presets to obtain bright and deep pictures? The technology of HDR retouching is used mainly to enhance the colors of landscapes and make the portrait photographs brighter. Giving your images an awesome HDR-like effect is simple with this free Lightroom preset. Photo retouchers can apply the proposed professional Lightroom presets free download for any photos, adjust some settings and create deep and vivid pictures.

8. Street photography Lightroom presets

How to enhance the colors on street photos and make it natural? Professional Lightroom presets free can help with it. Cut your photo retouching time in half, and modify your street images to suit your own personal style. Get cinematic Lightroom presets to take your photo retouching skills to the following level!

9. Professional Lightroom presets for newborn photography

All photographers need to retouch newborn photo sessions with ease. Our one-click newborn Lightroom presets free download are designed to seamlessly layer with easy workflow presets, and soft retouching and matte color correction. These LR filters make a baby’s skin pink, sweet pink lips, soft, wrinkled toes, wispy puffs of baby hair and add a creamy effect. These dreamy baby presets make your photos beautiful and natural very fast.

FixThePhoto specialists hope that their works will be appreciated, and their best free light presets 2017 will be useful for photographers and retouchers all over the world who value their time and appreciate quality. Do not worry if you do not know how to apply Lightroom presets, you can read the tutorial on their website. Compatible with Windows and Mac, can be applied either to GPEG or Raw, are easily editable. This collection of free Lightroom presets was designed to help you cut down on your workflow and create beautiful digital photography art in just a few clicks.

Download them and try now!

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