Top exciting new features in FIFA 23

Top exciting new features in FIFA 23
Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

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In our recent news pieces, we’ve been highlighting the biggest changes shipping with FIFA 23. But there’s so much more to unpack with the new additions to the latest iteration of the game than a few news articles can cover. Recently, Electronic Arts released a gameplay trailer that introduces all the new mechanics coming to the FIFA franchise. This is, however, a bittersweet moment. 


As incredible as the new FIFA 23 trailer looks, this is to be the last game in Electronic Arts’ FIFA franchise as the partnership between the two entities is coming to an end due to numerous contractual disagreements. Luckily, where one door closes, two more are due to open. To effectively unpack all of the groundbreaking innovations coming in FIFA 23, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to the top new features in FIFA 23.

HyperMotion2 Technology

HyperMotion was introduced in FIFA 22. Essentially, this technology helps the FIFA games look more realistic by capturing a high volume of actions on-site, which are in turn converted to in-game animations. HyperMotion, and by extension, FIFA 22, was incredible. But EA is pulling out all the stops for the next iteration of the game, including the development of HyperMotion2, a brand new high-volume dynamic movement capturing protocol. 

HyperMotion2 is the fruit of 2 90-minute games at the Spanish Real Zaragoza stadium and 71 players wearing Xsens suits to capture even the most minute dynamic movement. This includes the players on the bench and the match officials. Double the amount of gameplay action was captured for FIFA 23 than for its predecessor. To ensure that the Xsens suits and HyperMotion2 capture as many possible movements, the team ran through numerous training scenarios. This helped them capture even those motions that aren’t frequently implemented during the average match. 

The introduction of HyperMotion2 also ties in with the introduction of a world first – the inclusion of women’s soccer leagues in FIFA 23. One of the full 90-minute games captured for HyperMotion2 was a women’s game. This is because of the difference in dynamic movement between players of the male and female persuasion – something EA is relatively unwilling to admit in some of its other titles. 

There are three unique movement archetypes tailored specifically to women’s games in FIFA 23. These are based on height, signature running styles, and variance. In total, there are hundreds of distinct characteristics and individual animations made possible by HyperMotion2, including the unique running and playstyles of women’s soccer stars like Australia’s Sam Kerr. 

Top exciting new features in FIFA 23

Machine Learning in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 also expands on the machine learning algorithm used in FIFA 22. The new machine learning algorithm for FIFA 23 will study the hundreds of animations mentioned above, combined with HyperMotion2 technology to decide which movements to use based on player stats and situational stimulation. This will result in the most realistic reactions and movements throughout the FIFA franchise, and possibly gaming on the whole. 

The algorithm is learning from a total of 9.2 million frames of data captured during the two sample matches. However, FIFA 23’s machine learning algorithm isn’t just for sifting through animations and code to implement the most appropriate during given situations. The algorithm can also write new code and animations in real-time, resulting in six new hyper-realistic soccer motions in FIFA 23. 

We’ll move into particular motions next that have been improved upon greatly for the next, and last iteration of the FIFA franchise. 

Top exciting new features in FIFA 23

Technical Dribbling

Technical Dribbling is a brand-new feature that EA is introducing into FIFA 23. This is a state-of-the-art dribbling engine that uses the Active Touch system to more intelligently and intuitively calculate the player’s path to the ball. Actions like turning and dribbling the ball should now feel far more responsive. 

Even though EA has developed this brand-new engine for better dribbling, the overall efficacy and skill of a player’s ball control will be determined by said player’s stats. The stats most involved in determining how good a player will be at dribbling with the new Technical Dribbling engine are Dribbling, Agility, Balance, Reactions, and Ball Control.

Higher attributes and stats will therefore have higher quality results. Everything, from the speed of the resultant dribble to the distance that the ball will maintain in relation to the dribbler are dependant on these above-mentioned stats. In fact, these stats will even determine how quickly various players can switch between animations. 

Top exciting new features in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 AcceleRATE

This is another impressive expansion to EA’s player movement protocols. This new feature divides players into assorted unique archetypes based on players’ acceleration. See, as the FIFA franchise has been expanded upon in terms of adding new titles, it’s also gained a lot more comprehensive knowledge about the sporting discipline it tries to emulate.

The franchise started with broad-spectrum additions like animations that make players look like they’re running like humans. However, we’re now at that point where the additions are so finely-tuned that they breathe even more realism into the game. One such addition is the realization that even though certain players have equal top speeds, there’s a lot more that goes into how they reach those speeds. 

AcceleRATE sorts players into three acceleration types; Controlled, Explosive, and Lengthy. Most of the players in FIFA 23 will fit into the Controlled acceleration category, which means that they are able to accelerate in a uniform and controlled manner.

Explosive acceleration, on the other hand, is for the players that accelerate with explosive bursts over short distances. These are primarily shorter, more agile players. At the other end of the spectrum are the Lengthy accelerators. These are taller, stronger players that typically accelerate slowly, but once at speed, can catch up to and exceed the speed of most other players. Slow and steady wins the race. 

Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

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