Top puzzle games for your Java phone

Top puzzle games for your Java phone

Still rocking a Java phone? Stop getting depressed about being the only person on the bus not fiddling about with colored bricks, solving riddles, or puzzling over number conundrums. Instead, go download these great Java puzzle games and join in with the antisocial fun on the daily commute.

BomberBomber – If you ever played Bomberman on the Nintendo you’re going to love this. In fact, even if you didn’t you still will. Plant bombs next to the rocks so you can pass through them. Make sure you get of the way though, or you’ll get a nasty. Oh, and watch out for the aliens who lurk behind the rocks!

Plop ArtPlop Art Sudoku – Sudoku puzzles are an addictive challenge, but they’re a bit dull to look at. Plop Art Sudoku replaces the traditional numbers on a grid system with a series of cute creatures and symbols. The graphics and sound in the game are very cheery and with four difficulty levels available, this is one you won’t want to put down.

Mine HunterMine Hunter – The inclusion of Minesweeper in Microsoft Windows has resulted in billions of hours of lost productivity over the years. Now you can get this classic puzzler on your phone too, by installing Mine Hunter. The object of the game is the same as always – find the hidden mines on the grid without getting blown up.

SameGameSameGame – SameGame is one of those wonderfully simple puzzle games which isn’t much to look at but will keep you drawn in for hours. The principle of SameGame is to eliminate the colored balls by clicking on any with one or more conjoining balls of the same color. These then disappear and you must keep forming new conjunctions until you can do no more.

BattleBrainBattleBrain – If you’re sat around bereft of mental stimulation, then install BattleBrain on your phone and give your cerebral muscles a workout. Essentially, it’s just a matching pairs game, but it’s very well presented and comes with three different game modes, including a multiplayer game. Again, it’s a game that’s simple to play but hard to put down.

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