Top restaurant management games

Best restaurant management gamesFollowing our run of peculiar games, after odd jobs and tycoons we’ve decided to cover restaurant management games. Satisfying customers and growing your restaurant’s popularity is the name of the game here and you’ll often have to do a balancing act between serving food on time and cooking the right meals. Most of these games make for perfect little timewasters.

  • The Restaurant Game – This MIT experiment allows you to play the role of either waitress or customer. How you are treated will depend on how you act.
  • Turbo Pizza – A frantic game where you’ll have to serve the right pizzas to the right customers on time. Make sure the pizzas are well cooked too.
  • Snowy: Lunch Rush – Make your restaurant the best in town by earning money and improving your services and installations. To keep customers coming you’ll have to keep offering more, like a VIP area or live concerts.
  • Diner Dash – The classic restaurant management game. Defeat Mr. Big by helping four small restaurants survive.
  • Mickey DeeDees – Manage your own drive-through, adjusting prices and quantity of burgers depending on the customers’ demands.
  • Sushi Frenzy – Prepare fresh sushi and swat away the annoying flies.
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