Top Safari plugins on Mac

safari512px.pngWhat Mac user hasn’t used Safari to browse on the Net? Although it’s not my favorite browser I still quite like it because of the sober dark grey interface, fast page loading and presence of essential features like tabs or pop up blocking.

One lesser known attribute is the ability to add plugins to the Mac browser. Sure, you probably won’t find as many as there are Mozilla extensions for Firefox, but Safari still offers a good deal of useful plugins to customize your browsing experience. We’ve picked the ones we preferred:

  • SafariPlus – Advanced tool to manage cookies, block Flash and GIF.
  • SafariSpeed – Speed up page display in Safari.
  • Safari Menu – Make your Safari bookmarks accessible from your menu bar.
  • SafariTabs – A warning before closing tabs.
  • FLVR – Grab FLV videos directly from Safari and convert them to Quicktime.
  • Twicetab – Double click on the tab bar to create a new tab.
  • PicLens – Full screen view of web images.
  • Red Snapper – Capture web pages as they appear in your browser.
  • Forget Me Not – You can now save your sessions in Safari.
  • Saft – Fully customize Safari, from bookmarks, tabs to security and more.
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