Top tools for wine connoisseurs

Top tools for wine connoisseurs

Glass of wineA fine wine is something that takes years to mature and is allowed to breathe well before serving. In doesn’t really have much to do with downloading at all unless you regularly visit Softonic in a highly drunken stupor. That’s not to say however that you can’t use software to enhance your appreciation of wine.

If you’re a serious collector, then Wine Organizer Deluxe has just about everything you’ll need to keep your cellar in order. It’s one of the most comprehensive wine collecting tools out there allowing you to do everything from creating simple wine tasting and production reports to wine labels and even wine web catalogs. If you’re a serious producer, then Virtual Wine Cellar will make sure that you don’t miss any vital bottling or distribution dates featuring a suppliers database with order-to-inventory processing, integration with Vinote barcoded neck tags and even support for digitized bottle labels.

Finally, if you’re not into either of the above activities and just like to enjoy the stuff, then give Jeroboam a go. If like me, you don’t know your Chardonnays from you Chianti then it will help you select which wine goes nicely with which dish and also includes a small cellar management tool for those with a modest collection. I wonder if Hanibal Lector used this program when deciding to wash his victims down with some fava beans and a “nice Chianti”. Cheers!


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