Top video converters for Mac

Cyril Roger

RoadMovie video converterVideo converters are ten a penny these days, which generally means that you’ll come across as many good programs as terrible ones. Although you may not have excessively high technical requirements and may simply want to convert from one format to another it’s still best to go for a better known application.

You can find all sorts of reason for needing a video converter: it may be that you want to play a video for your iPod, or your video player only supports one format, or you need to post your video on the web and are looking for a file type that doesn’t take too much space. The reality is, considering the number of video devices that we use in our lives, converting almost becomes an obligatory task. And you want to get it right, so that the movie that comes out on the other side possibly looks as good as it was at first. Here we list up what we consider the best video converters for Mac and let you know why:

  • Sorenson Squeeze – Pro choice for converting and encoding to any video format. Excellent for Flash.
  • Reelbean – An all-in-one exporter, converter and media player.
  • RoadMovie – Batch encode, add subtitles and upload to the web.
  • ffmpegX – Handles all sorts of formats and subtitles. A must!
  • HandBrake – A Mac fan favorite for ripping and converting DVDs to MPEG4.
  • MediaFork – inspired by HandBrake, it may be a little easier to use.
  • VisualHub – Quickly convert to any video format and prepare for DVD.
  • iSquint – A free version of VisualHub, with a little less features.
  • iPod Video – As the name suggests, it’s your one stop shop to convert any video or audio to iPod format.
  • Flash Decompiler Trillix – Extract objects from a SWF or convert to FLA.

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