Turn work pauses into high productivity

Take frequent breaks during workProductivity is not only a question of hard work but also of knowing when it’s time for a break, especially when working with computers. A pause in time enables you to stretch, look away from the screen and relax for a moment, so that when you go back to work you feel ready for new challenges.

As you can imagine, there are software tools that help you follow a daily break routine during working hours, in such a way that it doesn’t mean a drop in productivity. Applications like Time Worked Calculator allow you to control the exact amount of hours dedicated to work, along with the pay you’ve earned so far, which is something that always cheers one up.

Another kind of tools are pause reminders, small clocks that can be set to go off every hour or so to remind you of taking breaks during work. Two interesting options here are Break Reminder and Workrave.

What to do during those breaks? Well, you may as well play some silly game such as Coffee Break Pacman or Coffee Break Worm, or perhaps do some relaxing routines like the ones recommended by RSI Warrior. The important thing here is not to take few long pauses but many small ones, as we already learnt from the “procrastination hack” suggested on 43 Folders.

As you can see, taking the right amount of breaks during work is not only good for your productivity but also for your health. And now stop reading blogs and go back to work, you lazy people!

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