Understanding the Tabs in Internet Download Manager

Understanding the Tabs in Internet Download Manager

Now that you’ve downloaded Internet Download Manager, it’s time to get the most out of the software by understanding its various tabs and how they can make your experience fast, easy, and fun. Check out these tab descriptions to get off and running now:

General Tab

Like most pieces of software, the General tab in Internet Download Manager is used to view and make changes to various utility functions. Here, you can choose to integrate Internet Download Manager into a selection of browsers, and you can also change options to determine when and how Internet Download Manager starts.

Note that you can also use the Keys section to select various hotkeys to force or stop a download. This customizable feature is great when you want to quickly take action!

File Types Tab

In the File tab, you can select which file types you want Internet Download Manager to access and which ones you want it to avoid downloading.

The advantage here is that, in addition to blocking certain file types, you can also avoid access to sketchy sites that may harm your computer or device with malicious software.

Connection Tab

On the Connection tab, you can select your Internet speed and select the number of connections you want to have open at one time.

Setting a higher number of connections may increase speed, but it also pulls more heavily on the server that you’re using to download. In some cases, this can lead to the server slowing your connection as a precautionary measure.

Another benefit of the Connection tab is that provides you with the ability to set specific parameters for connections with certain websites. Using this tab, you can set quotas to avoid running afoul of your ISP’s restrictions on data flow.

Save To Tab

When investigating the Save To tab, you’ll have the opportunity to tell Internet Download Manager where it should save files to by default.

You can use this option to save on storage space in certain directories of your choosing.

Downloads Tab

The Downloads tab first lets you choose whether or not you’d like to see the download progress bar. You can also choose to use a dedicated antivirus program to check each file you download using the options in this tab.

When using this tab, you’ll get the most out of it by ensuring that you have updated your dedicated antivirus software to its latest iteration.

Proxy Tab

If you want to use a proxy while downloading, the Proxy tab allows you to enter in your information. You can also type in a specific address when Internet Download Manager won’t use a proxy.

Using a proxy is very beneficial when you want to mask your location’s identity and make it harder for identity thieves to steal you information.

Site Logins Tab

If you’re downloading using a site that requires a username and password, you can enter that information in the Site Logins tab.

In setting this information, you can quickly and easily access sites to which you have subscriptions or executive access to by allowing Internet Download Manager to take care of form information for you.

Dialup Tab

In the Dialup Tab, you can enter login information for your ISP, even if you’re using dialup.

This is helpful when you need to use a specific connection, including dialup, when accessing the Internet as a whole or specific websites.

Sounds Tab

Finally, the Sounds tab lets you set different notification sounds for different events that occur when using Internet Download Manager.

In setting your own notification sounds, you have the chance to start and stop downloads, check on status updates, and generally get to know what is going on with you files.

Don’t forget to check out Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to keep your computer safe against malicious downloads!

Check out this VIDEO to know how tomanage and speed up all of your browser downloads.

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