Use your Pocket PC to find wireless hotspots

Hotspot symbolHave you ever seen those people wandering the streets with their laptops in the desperate search for an open wireless network. Apart from looking like a tightwad, you also run the risk of having your equipment stolen or damaged by doing so. A better way is to use your Pocket PC to sniff-out WiFi hotspots. Sniffi is a small application that allows you to literally ‘sniff-out’ WiFi hotspots in your neighbourhood or working area. Sniffi is an advanced WiFi networks manager which may be used to search for hotspots, as a connection manager or as a network parameter monitor.

The application works in a very similar way to Windows WiFi network manager. The list of available networks is clearly displayed together with their ID, protection status and signal strength. There’s a day/night color profile, full-screen switch and you can switch it from vertical to horizontal mode easily. You can even perform pings on available networks and view TCP/IP stats for each one.

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