Incredible fan edit reimagines Star Wars fight between Obi-Wan and Darth Vader

Ben Bowman


The Star Wars saga is beloved for its incredible imagination and iconic characters. But even George Lucas can acknowledge that not everything from the original films holds up. That’s why he rolled out the Special Editions of his films. And even then, there were still… issues.

Star Wars fight

Fan reaction to “Rogue One” was mixed, but nearly everyone loved the ending, when we got to see Darth Vader go full Vader. Force chokes, Force pushes, terrifying lightsaber combat. It was a thing of beauty. The problem is, that Darth Vader doesn’t really sync up to the Darth Vader from “A New Hope.” He seems old, slow, and weak. To be fair, Lucas’ original direction was that lightsabers would be “heavy, like Excalibur.” Clearly, that changed over time. The prequels showed us how exciting a full-speed saber battle could be.

Now, an industrious fan has reimagined the very first lightsaber battle from Episode IV, complete with a strong, fast, powerful Vader and a Jedi Master to match. Buckle up, because this thing is intense.

To quote Lord Vader himself, “Impressive.”

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