Voddler launches web client

Voddler launches web client

After having to temporarily suspend the desktop client last month, yesterday Voddler’s web client went live bringing free movies to a much wider audience and moved it a little closer to what Hulu offers in the USA. However, to watch the films, I think you still need a desktop client to stream them and an invite.

At the moment, even those that are lucky enough to have beta invites to the desktop client still have to wait. When you click on a movie to watch and try to login, you receive the following message:

Voddler login

So hopefully, at some stage later this week I’ll be able to test the web client properly to see how it performs although after waiting so long for a beta invite, it’s clear that Voddler aren’t in a hurry when it comes to these sorts of things.

It is still possible to navigate around the site and browse the Voddler movie catalog though. First impressions are the same as before – more recent films will have to be added for Voddler to become really popular but these are early days so hopefully that will improve. The web client doesn’t differ massively from the desktop client but the huge bonus of course is that it works within your browser and with your mouse unlike the awkward keyboard based desktop version. They’ve also added TV shows although being a Swedish based project, these are all in Swedish.

Voddler Homepage:

Voddler Homepage

Most Popular Movies:


Documentaries (of which there are supposed to be 188 but I could only see these 3):


Film Preview:


Watch this space for a review of how the service performs and until then, don’t forget or exclusive interview with Voddler!

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