Wake up to Justin Bieber with ‘The Key’ alarm clock app

Wake up to Justin Bieber with ‘The Key’ alarm clock app

Mega pop star, Justin Bieber, has released an alarm clock application for Android and iOS called “The Key” to promote his new fragrance. The app, which is available for free, lets users  pick Bieber tracks to wake up to, then share their dreams on Twitter using the hashtag, #unlockthedream.

Users can create multiple alarms easily with a swipe up gesture. Select a time and a track to wake you, though you’ll be restricted to one song, “The Key” (obviously). If you have other Bieber tracks on your phone, the app will allow you to turn those into alarm sounds as well. Users can let “Enter the dream mode,” which really just means snoozing. Tapping the screen will let you snooze, while sliding will stop the alarm. Immediately after the alarms stops, a Twitter dialog appears where you can tweet what you dreamed.

The app is a pretty obvious marketing stunt used to promote Justin Bieber’s new fragrance. It’s nothing more and nothing less than what you’d expect. Beliebers will likely install this app or you can install it on your friend’s phone to give him or her a scare in the morning.

You can download The Key for Android and iOS here.

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