What File Formats Work With SHAREit?

What File Formats Work With SHAREit?

Want to share your vacation pics with the family, but you’re using your work Android device and all of them have the iPhone? Maybe you found a cool new app you want your best friend to enjoy, but you got a great deal on that Windows tablet and they’re using a MacBook. It’s okay! Because you can share your photos, videos, apps, and more across platforms using the SHAREit app by Lenovo.

How SHAREit Works

SHAREit works across platforms by allowing you to transfer a wide variety of files and apps. It works because it uses the device’s built-in wi-fi radio and the devices’ pre-installed media players. Usually, file sharing has to take place over the Internet or over the device’s cellular connection. But Internet and cell service can be slow depending on location. Or, there are compatibility issues when you share across device platforms, like Android to Apple. There are also security issues in sharing with these methods. SHAREit works directly from device to device, meaning you don’t have to depend on Internet speed or security to share.

The Devices SHAREit Works With

SHAREit works with all of the major device platforms, including tablets, smartphones, and even desktop PCs, notebooks, and laptops. It also works with Android, iOS, Apple OS X, Windows, and Mac. Basically, whatever device you have, you can share with most any other device or user. SHAREit is also useful for work files, allowing colleagues and partners to share things like Word documents and Excel files.

The File Types SHAREit Works With

SHAREit works with all types of files, including videos you take on your own device or those you download from the Internet. It can also be used to share images you create or those that you download or get from someone else. SHAREit can transfer and clone your contact list so that you can transfer it to your other computers and devices or send it to a friend or coworker. It can also be used to transfer documents and files you create in Office, like Word or Excel. Additionally, SHAREit can transfer SMS (text messages), MMS (multimedia messages, like videos or photos you get via text), apps, call logs, documents, music files, video files, and even items that you have stored on your device’s SD card.

The File Formats SHAREit Works With

SHAREit works with most any file format, including:

  • PDF
  • DOC
  • XLS
  • MP3
  • WAV (for Windows)
  • AIFF (for the Mac)
  • AVI
  • MKV
  • MOV
  • MP4
  • DivX
  • FLV
  • OGG
  • OGV
  • PNG
  • EPS
  • JPEG
  • TIFF
  • GIF
  • BMP
  • Vector image formats like CGM and SVG
  • Too many others to name!

Check out this video to learn more: How to Use SHAREit

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