What is a spoiler?

What is a spoiler?

With the rise of the internet and the wave of TV series that the big broadcasters have provided, it has become very common to find the term “spoiler” all over the internet. Anyone who is a part of an online community may have seen this term a lot, but that does not mean you know exactly what it means. Well, understanding the term is very simple, so let’s give a quick explanation.

Spoiler is when a website or a person reveals facts about the content of a particular book, movie, series or game. The term is in English, more precisely it is related to the verb “To Spoil”, that means to spoil something. In a free translation, spoiler refers to the famous term “party pooper”.

Revealing facts

Many people like it, others do not. Revealing facts, spoiling pleasures and ending the joy of others are very common things on many websites and forums. Some sites at least are more sensible and allow the user to decide whether or not to see the spoiler. The “trick” used by some websites is to put the text that is the spoiler with the same color used at the bottom of the page, so that the reader can or cannot select the spoiler with the mouse, so that the text is visible.

Do you like spoilers?

Some people like to know everything, others prefer to check certain facts directly when reading or watching. Do you like spoilers? Do you like to tell everybody what has happened? Is “party pooper” your nickname? Tell us your stories.

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