WhatsApp: 5 new features that will come to the application

WhatsApp: 5 new features that will come to the application
María López

María López

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We have little to say about WhatsApp that you don’t already know at this point. The most popular messaging application in the world has also become the most essential for many. Although in its beginnings it was guilty of being too basic, the guys from Meta have put their batteries into action and have begun to vitaminize it with very interesting news.


The application has a beta program (on Android and iOS) where we can see in advance what is new that it will bring in future updates. Here below, we list the 5 new features that WhatsApp users will enjoy in the not so distant future.

Copy and transcribe text from an image

This will be one of the first features iPhone users will see before Android users. The reason? This is one of the features that iOS 16 has, the latest version of iOS. Thanks to this utility, the system is capable of recognizing letters, phrases and entire texts within a photo and copying them. Of course, it is something very useful if you know how to take advantage of it: scanning of documents, translation of posters, copying of data… the uses can be very varied.

Import chat history between two Android devices without Google Drive

As of today, Android users are condemned to use Google Drive in case they want to have a backup of WhatsApp. Google Drive is not one of the most secure options as it does not have end-to-end encryption.

Fortunately, in the future WhatsApp will give the option to use other different storage platforms to save backups. . It is still not entirely clear how they will do it, so we will have to wait to see it in person.

Add messages to forwarded photos or videos

WhatsApp has many limitations. One of them is to prevent us from attaching a text message to photos or videos that we forward between our contacts. As of today, we know that Meta is already working to fix this and in the near future, we will be able to forward both media and messages (without taking any additional steps).

Voice messages in the states

This is quite a curious and fun improvement. Although WhatsApp states are not precisely the most used functions, there are many users who love them. They will be the ones who will enjoy this new option: record voice notes to upload them to the states. The novelty has been discovered in the beta version of the application, so we will see it among ourselves soon.

Connect through a proxy

A proxy server serves as a link between a user and the Internet itself. When browsing the web, you connect directly to the site you are visiting. If you use a proxy, it will be the one that communicates with other websites on your behalf. This functionality will be very useful in case you want to preserve your privacy. If you are interested in how it works and want to use it yourself, just go to the official WhatsApp support.

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