Confirmed: WhatsApp adding voice calling and recording

Confirmed: WhatsApp adding voice calling and recording
Lewis Leong

Lewis Leong

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We received news this morning that WhatsApp (Android | iOS) will soon be able to make voice calls using the internet. This will allow users to avoid using minutes from their mobile phone plans.

WhatsApp is also preparing a voice recording feature, which will let you record calls placed within the app. Here’s a screenshot of the feature in an experimental build of WhatsApp.


It’s interesting that WhatsApp includes the ability to record incoming and outgoing audio separately. This means you can avoid recording your own voice for whatever reason.

This voice recording feature raises privacy concerns. Will callers be alerted that they’re being recorded? Legally speaking, you’re supposed to ask for consent to record someone but it remains to be seen if WhatsApp will build in an alert system. Google Voice also allows call recording but alerts the caller that they are being recorded.

We’ll report more on this story when we have the details.

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