Which Watchmen character are you? (Quiz)

Jeremy Milliner


Watchmen” came out 10 years ago, and it’s about the furthest thing from the popcorn-munching superhero movies of today. In fact, some might say it isn’t a superhero movie at all. While the main characters of the film definitely look like superheroes – masks, capes, and flying vehicles included – the point of the characters was not to inspire readers with tales of heroism and glamour.

A big part of Watchmen is looking at the characters and weighing in on their flaws. “We tried to set up four or five radically opposing ways of seeing the world,” said writer Alan Moore. “Let the readers figure it out for themselves; let them make a moral decision for once in their miserable lives!”

Nobody’s perfect! So which hero from Watchmen do you think you’re most like? Take our quiz and find out:

Happy with your result? I mean … probably not. Most of these heroes aren’t exactly role models. But hey, recognizing your flaws is the first step towards overcoming them, right? Or … maybe stick with our Avengers quizzes in the meantime.

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