Why didn't 'The Simpsons: Hit and Run' have a second part? Not even the developers know

Multiply yourself by zero!

Why didn't 'The Simpsons: Hit and Run' have a second part? Not even the developers know
Randy Meeks

Randy Meeks

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When ‘The Simpsons‘ were at their peak on television, curiously they didn’t fare well in the world of video games, flooded with senseless platformers, fighting games (like the awful ‘The Simpsons Wrestling’), or even skateboarding. Paradoxically, while the series was declining in a disastrous 15th season, the PS2 released one of the best licensed games in history: ‘The Simpsons: Hit & Run’.


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Dang it!

The 2003 game had it all: funny dialogues, an open world allowing players to roam all of Springfield, a bunch of missions and sub-missions, a spot-on parody of ‘GTA III’, and of course, the original voices of the family. It’s a fantastic title, remembered and even yearned for (especially considering the future of the franchise on consoles), it did very well in sales, and renewed interest in a franchise that was starting to show signs of fatigue. So, why was there no sequel? Moreover, why can’t we play an official remake now?

“I have no idea. We made a deal for five games for less money than Vivendi paid for the first,” say the developers. But for some strange reason, they were never able to continue with their vision for the sequel. They even started its development! At Radical Entertainment, they believed everything was set, even planning to have ships, planes, and vans that could grab things with their hook, assuming that ‘Hit & Run‘ had become a franchise that still had a lot to offer.

In fact, in this initial stage, they even had fifteen different stories they could have pursued, everyone was excited and pitching ideas… And then, it all just stopped. “We all were saying, ‘Well, of course, we’re going to keep doing this. The stars are aligned, we’re going to keep going down this path.’ And then it was like, ‘Eh, I guess not’.” Multiply yourselves by zero.

The audience and developers want a remake or a sequel, especially since the series hasn’t released an original console game since 2007 (except for the commendable ‘The Simpsons Game’). With the upcoming release of ‘GTA VI‘… why not give another chance to the ‘GTA’ for those of us who grew up watching Homer eat donuts?

Randy Meeks

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