Windows 10 KB5014666 is breaking USB printers

Windows 10 KB5014666 is breaking USB printers
Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

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Microsoft has confirmed that update KB5014666 for Windows 10 is causing significant issues with USB printers. Ironically, this update, released on June 28th is supposed to add new printing features for Windows 10 devices.

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According to Microsoft, a bug in the update causes Windows 10 systems to display duplicates of single printers, suffixed by ‘Copy1.’ More critically, however, applications that refer to a specific printer by name are now unable to print documents. 

The company has stated that it is working on a fix for the issue and will release said fix in a future update. In the meantime, users affected are encouraged to file feedback reports and try an applicable temporary workaround. 

Here is one workaround for the Windows 10 printer issue on update KB5014666:

  • Open the Settings app, navigate to “Bluetooth & devices”, and select “Printers & scanners”
  • If there appears to be a duplicate installation of an existing printer, such as with suffix “Copy1”, confirm if printing works for this printer. This printer should operate as expected.
  • If there is a need to use the original printer installation and not the duplicate, right-click the duplicate printer, select “Printer properties” and select the “Ports” tab. Observe the port in use.
  • Open “Printer properties” on the original printer and select the “Ports” tab. From the list displayed, select the port option in use by the duplicate printer. If this original printer works normally, the duplicate copy printer can be removed.
Windows 10 KB5014666 is Breaking USB Printers

In the event that the steps highlighted above prove ineffective, Microsoft recommends the following additional fixes: 

  • Update the print driver for your device. For guidance, see Install the latest driver for your printer.
    • ​If you already have the latest driver, consult the printer Manufacturer’s website for any device firmware updates.
  • ​If you are still having issues, uninstalling and reinstalling your printer might help.
    • ​Turn off your printer and disconnect any cables.
    • ​Open the Settings app, navigate to “Bluetooth & devices”, and select “Printers & scanners.”
    • Select the affected printer and select the “Remove Device” option.
    • ​Restart your device.
    • ​Turn on your printer and reconnect it to your device.

As confirmed on the Windows Health Dashboard, this bug in the new update only affects Windows 10 21H2, 21H1, and 20H2 (including Windows Server). If this bug wasn’t enough, the internet is swarming with fake Windows 10 updates, some embedded with Magniber Ransomware.

Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

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