Windows Live out of Beta

In an attempt to gain back strategic ground from Google, their main competitor, Microsoft has officially moved Windows Live Search (previously known as MSN Search) out of Beta. The new search engine lets you find news, RSS feeds, images and videos. Local Search has been improved in terms of imagery and mobile integration and you can get answers to all your questions via the new QnA service. The new interface is sleek and customizable, so you can select what information will appear everytime you visit Windows Live, like adding weather information, sports updates and entertainment news. The menu from the top left icon allows you to check out your favorites, get a safety scan from Windows OneCare, save images in your gallery, trade and buy with Expo and Live Shopping and chat and blog on Spaces. Effectively, Microsoft aims to jump onto the web 2.0 revolution by encouraging users to carry out all their computer activities online.

According to the Redmond firm, image processing and search results should load faster, thanks to a new algorithm and “extensive feedback” from beta testers. Will Windows Live dethrone Google? Just how successful will the new platform be in changing users’ online experience? If you haven’t tried them yet, take a shot at Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Toolbar, and Windows Live Writer.

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