Windows Phone: a guide for new (and prospective) users

Niamh Lynch


If you’re a new Windows Phone user, or are thinking of trying out Microsoft’s mobile OS, this Windows Phone series will tell you exactly how to get a handle on your new device. It’ll cover topics as basic as working out how to use the flashy new interface, to more advanced features for when you’ve finally found your footing with the OS.

We’ll also show you the best way to swap over to a Microsoft device if you currently use iOS or Android. If you’re still hesitant to make the switch, we’ll show you that the common misconception about Windows Phone not having many apps is just that: an old rumor that’s no longer a relevant argument for not using the OS. Check out the episodes below:

Windows Phone: a guide for new (and prospective) users

Get the most out of Windows Phone with our series!

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