Windows Tip: how to find your Wi-Fi password quickly

Windows Tip: how to find your Wi-Fi password quickly

When you have multiple devices connected to your wireless router, you may forget what your Wi-Fi password is. Then when you need it, you have to try to remember what it was.

For some people, the password is stored on the computer’s desktop in a text file or on a small note near the computer. If you can’t find it, you’re forced to reset the wireless router back to its original configuration and reset the password.

But you can avoid all the trouble by finding the wireless password from an already connected computer.

1. View network connections

Using Windows, search for “network connections” and then click on View network connections. On Windows 7, you can type in your search in the Start Menu. On Windows 8, you can activate the Start screen and start typing anywhere.

2. Select the wireless connection

In the open window, choose the name of the WLAN access point. Normally this will be the network name of your router.

3. View wireless connection details

Click on the icon with the right mouse button and select Status.

windows - find out wifi password

This will open a new window. Click on Wireless Properties.

Clicking on Wireless Properties will open a new window. Click on the Security tab.

4. View the wireless password

Under the Security tab, the Network security key will be visible. It’s hidden and you will have to click on Show Characters. You will need administrator privileges to view the password so be ready to enter your password.

You will be able to see the wireless password for the router that the computer is connected to.

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