Yahoo! announce oneConnect for phones

Yahoo! announce oneConnect for phones

Yahoo! oneConnectFor those of you not lucky enough to make it to Barcelona for this year’s Mobile World Congress (we’re actually here all year round, lucky us!), you may have missed out on some of the software news stories floating about and intermingling with complaints about the gPhone handsets (and the weather), we’re planning a full round-up at the end of the Congress.

One particularly interesting announcement has come from Yahoo! whose ‘Go’ mobile software is already pretty popular. oneConnect, expected next quarter, aims to unite all your communication needs (email, IM, Facebook etc) in one convenient piece of software. It’ll also connect with other social networks and tools like Twitter,, Flickr, Linkedin, MySpace and more.

Of course, you’ll have to have a usable Yahoo! address book for all this to work, but you will also be able to use services from other providers like MSN and Google Talk. The most intriguing feature announced today is the “innovative location-sensing technology” which will apparently let you know when contacts are nearby. I guess this will use cell tower triangulation but this remains to be seen. Either way, oneConnect basically looks to be a big improvement on Yahoo! Go which will probably help the Internet firm cement their position as the leading web/mobile crossover merchants.

[Via: Yahoo!]

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