Zoho launches Facebook office app

Zoho launches Facebook office app

ZohoAs American research recently revealed, Facebook is the social networking site of the intellectual, or at least the university student with rich parents.

So perhaps it’s no surprise that Zoho, an office suite provider, has launched a new Facebook application allowing users to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations while networking with their fraternity. The app offers editing facilities (both personal and shared) from Zoho Writer, Sheet and Show.Facebook app

There are plenty of applications for Facebook including music add-ons, graffiti, ‘zombies’ that bite your friends, a ‘where I’ve been map’ and a whole load of other stuff that makes keeping in contact with people you don’t really like more fun.

All this comes as Nielsen/NetRatings warns that MySpace may have jumped the shark after May saw a slump in its UK traffic while Facebook and Bebo continued to reel-in more new users. With Facebook poised to overtake MySpace’s Alexa ranking, could it be time for a major facelift?

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