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  1. An alternative app marketplace

    1Mobile Market is an app store for Android smartphones, and one of the most popular alternatives to the official marketplace. It enables users to browse...

  2. App Store for Chinese Applications

    Google Play is perhaps the largest distribution channels for games and apps for Android devices to date. However, there are some countries—like in...

  3. Free App for Investors

    Robinhood is a free-trading app where you can trade stocks, exchange-traded funds, and cryptocurrency without paying commissions or fees. It stands out from...

  4. Search Android apps for free

    A1 Apps Store Market is a utility application developed by Techablr Apps. This app, which is free to download and use, offers a new way for you to discover...

  5. Blockchain wallet that allows the buying and selling of cryptocurrency

    The wallet can be downloaded and used for free, like other bitcoin wallets. This blockchain wallet application allows you to store...

  6. A huge online market place... currently only available in India

    Designed for shopping in the Indian market, Flipkart is a nice looking app that allows you to share and discuss possible purchases with friends. Bar a few...

  7. Frank Speech

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    • (46 votes)

    Fresh social media app in the market

    Frank Speech is a free mobile social networking application wherein you can openly express your opinions as well as share your ideas. Developed by Mike...

  8. A free app for Android, by devpolgame.

    Tip For Nine App - 9app Market is a free program for Android, that belongs to the category 'Utilities & Tools'.

  9. A Highly Advanced Scanner App You May Use For Free

    Scanning and taking photo images will create very different results. Your phone cannot make scans of images but with the PhotoScan by Google app you may...

  10. A Robust Free App for Mobile Stock Trading

    Webull is a free app for stock trading junkies. This stock market app offers you real-time quotes for forex, stocks, Bitcoin price quotes, indices...

  11. Free Tool for App Lovers

    AppBrain App Market is a special platform that puts users in touch with a huge collection of brand new apps. These apps have been created by members of the...

  12. A free app for Android, by

    Forex Signals Market Trends By FX Leaders is a free program for Android, that makes part of the category 'Finance'.

  13. A free program for Android, by Ruiquan Liu.

    App Hunt - Apps Store Market is a free app for Android, that belongs to the category 'Business & Productivity'.

  14. Free App for News Lovers

    People who enjoy reading the Wall Street Journey and want to stay up to date with the latest articles and news stories as soon as they are published should...

  15. An app with many templates for written media creators

    DesiGN Market - Templates provides templates and designs for 18 different types of creation software such as Adobe Illustrator and Google Docs.

  16. A free app for Android, by Birch Studios.

    Idle Market Street is a free software for Android, belonging to the category 'Simulation'.

  17. Axis Direct Mobile App - Track Market Ups and Downs

    Axis Direct Mobile App is a complete financial solution to the mobile users. It helps in trading, investing, trading with ease. It offers a secure and smooth...

  18. A free app for Android, by Alex Vinnitschenko.

    Financial Market And Investment Portfolio Analysis is a free app for Android, that belongs to the category 'Finance'.

  19. Evest Stock Market Investing App - Become a Market Player

    Evest: Stock Market Investing app is here to become a top trending market player. Being ahead of the competition is what counts and in today’s challenging...

  20. Unicare - The Best Medical Insurance App in the Market

    Unicare Egypt is an easy-to-use medical insurance app with a simple concept: You just need to register for a free plan, and that’s it! The app will take you...