Classic Snake

Classic Snake 1.7

Free classic snake puzzle game for Mac

If you're a fan of the classic Snake puzzle game, then this free version of Classic Snake is faithful to the original game. The aim is very simple - help your snake to grow as long as possible by eating the dots on the screen without going into yourself or touching the sides. If you do run into yourself or touch the sides, your snake dies and its game over. The controls for Classic Snake are extremely simple. Just use the cursor keys to control your snake and if you need a break, hit the Spacebar to pause the game - there's not much more to it than that. Classic Snake has a few added extra features such as an option to change the background color from black to white by using the B key. You can also hit K to change the skin of Classic Snake. Overall, if you're a fan of Snake, you'll enjoy this simple and free Classic Snake game although like the original, the very basic gameplay means the appeal wears off after a while.


  • Faithful to the original Snake
  • Easy to play
  • Includes some basic options


  • Gets boring after a while

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