Download Collaboration For Mac Free - Best Software & Apps

  1. A free collaboration tool for businesses

    Microsoft Teams is a free collaboration and video conferencing software that you can download on your macOS computer. The all-in-one solution lets users...

  2. Google Drive—A Convenient Storage for All Your Files

    Keeping files and taking them anywhere besides the office can be a pain. You would have to cart external storage devices that might be lost or broken....

  3. Capture your screen with this versatile video app

    Screencast-O-Matic is a video utility program that enables you to screencast and edit your recorded clips. It’s a multimedia software that offers various...

  4. Video conferencing app from Adobe

    Adobe Connect is a communication application from Adobe that provides video conferencing services. If you are looking to deliver a remote lecture, this app...

  5. A creative collaboration tool for large and small teams

    Creately enables teams to collaborate on projects such as programming projects, manufacturing processes, and even college projects. It offers real-time...

  6. Etherpad

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    Online Editor that Facilitates Real-Time Editing

    Etherpad is an open-source, truly customisable online editor that helps edit content real-time, facilitating true collaborative editing.

  7. A team communication and collaboration tool

    Circuit is a collaborative tool that allows all project members to see the project plan. Each team member downloads the app and communicates via the paid...

  8. Effective Team Collaboration and Meeting Management Software

    Samepage is a software package intended to enhance the effectiveness of virtual meetings and team collaborations within the workplace. Some of the features...

  9. A free program for mac

    Moxtra - Team Collaboration and Communication is a free program for Mac that belongs to the category Business-productivity, and has been developed by Moxtra,...

  10. KonoLive

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    Collaboration tool for group projects

    Online collaboration for group projects is becoming increasingly important as the workplace becomes more fragmented, workers can be located anywhere and...

  11. Effective team collaboration software for Dropbox users

    Dropbox Paper for Mac is a software bundle which allows teams within enterprise-level organizations to more effectively communicate their ideas within a...

  12. Tableaue Reader

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    Visualize your data quickly

    If you are in a field that requires you to gather and analyze a lot of sources, having an app that would allow you to easily interpret data is...

  13. Free to-do list accessible over multiple devices

    TickTick is a free to-do app accessible over a range of devices at the same time. As well as a conventional tick list, it also contains a calendar list which...