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  1. Securely erase data from your hard drive

    DriveScrubber is a great, trial version program only available for Windows, being part of the category Software utilities with subcategory Files (more...

  2. Similarity

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    • (35 votes)

    Compare sound files to find duplicates and similarities

    Having a large collection of MP3 files also means you probably have dozens of duplicate files. Luckily you can now get rid of them all with...

  3. Get rid of annoying duplicate files

    Duplicates - ugh! Clogging up your iPod, confusing your media player and generally messing up your computer, they are a major pain in the neck. Easy...

  4. Quickly find and delete duplicate files

    You never realize how much disk space you’re wasting with duplicate files until you use a tool like CloneMaster to find out. With CloneMaster you can...

  5. USBRescueX

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    Rescue and clean your hard disk or USB memory, delete broken shortcuts, delete the RECYCLER virus and unhide your files.

  6. A stylish, efficient junk file cleaner

    Moo0 DiskCleaner is a simple yet effective junk file cleaner that allows you to free up disk space in just a couple of clicks.When you launch Moo0...

  7. Find out why you can't delete that file!

    Have you ever tried to empty your recycle bin only to find one file is apparently still being used, and is stopping the process? Unfortunately OSX Finder...

  8. Delete files that are locked or in use

    The application fails to run on Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Application Log Auto Remove and Show Options are not respected when the application is...

  9. Privacy Guard - Make sure your privacy is protected

    Privacy Guard is a great application for those who are conscious about their online security. The application features various methods to ensure that your...

  10. Rename multiple files efficiently

    Developed by soi013‬, File Renamer Diff is a file manager tool that allows you to rename bulk files simultaneously. What makes this utility tool unique is...

  11. Save all your calls

    Call Recorder is a communication app that will let you record all of your calls just in case you miss anything important. It will be able to save your...

  12. General Email Viewer

    OutlookAttachView is an email client by NirSoft. The freeware provides increased productivity when it comes to managing emails from Microsoft Outlook. It is...

  13. Free software to delete Facebook messages with a single click

    Facebook Fast Delete Messages will help users save a great deal of time if they wish to discard a specific message within their inbox. As opposed to...

  14. Baseline

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    Superfast disk scanning

    Scanning your hard drive periodically is a good way of knowing how much space files are taking and deciding on what to keep and what to trash.Baseline...

  15. Safely erase files, folders and disk partitions from your PC

    Sometimes deleting a file in Windows is not enough. The data could be easily recovered with special software apps and you need to avoid that with sensitive...

  16. The Easiest and Most Secure Way to Permanently Delete Files and Photos From Your Device

    The easiest and most secure way to permanently delete files and photos from your device is by using Photo Recovery _ Data Recovery. This utility program is...

  17. Unclouded

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    Clean up your cloud clutter

    If, like me, you auto sync your photos and documents to the cloud then you might have no idea exactly what currently resides in the seemly bottomless pit of...

  18. Find / delete duplicate files and organize your collections better

  19. Disc Broom

    • 4.3
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    Delete temporary files and regain some valuable disk space

    Disc Broom is a nice, free program only available for Windows, being part of the category Software utilities with subcategory Maintenance (more specifically...

  20. Protect and destroy files with total confidence

    Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox is a compact tool to help protect your privacy by encrypting and shredding confidential files.The Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox interface...