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  1. Bird Builder

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    Crazy creations in Bird Builder

    Bird Builder is a free game that gives you a 3D bird that you can tweak, reshape, and customize for as long as you like.

  2. Take to the seas in this fun word game

  3. Free reference manager runs on all platforms

    JabRef is an advanced reference manager that facilitates grouping of entries based on both keywords and general search terms. It includes a cite-as-you-write...

  4. Math-A-Maze

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    Use your maths skills to escape from the maze

    Math-A-Maze is a helpful, free game only available for Windows, being part of the category PC games with subcategory Educational.

  5. Get Children Learning as they Play in GS Kids! Preschool Games Pro

    GS Kids! Preschool Games Pro is an app for very small children. It offers a number of simple games, along with educational content that will entertain kids...

  6. Learn simple math in a new environment

    Kids Cash Register Grocery is an educational application and game designed for PCs that teaches children how to count and perform basic addition. To advance...

  7. Play hangman in Spanish or English and improve your vocabulary

    Speaking Hangman is an amazing, free Windows game, being part of the category PC games with subcategory Kids' Games (more specifically Educational).

  8. Educational Game for Sim Fans

    Dinosaur Sim is a sim game that allows players to step into the shoes of a dinosaur and discover what it feels like to be one of the largest and most...

  9. Free Offline Notebook to Share and Store Important Information

    TiddlyWiki can be seen as a useful alternative to general offline storage platforms such as Windows WordPad. All details are entered into a standard...

  10. Educational Fun in Maya the Bee

    Maya the Bee is a children's educational game based on the popular cartoon series. It is designed to help teach children about subjects such as numbers...

  11. Selingua

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    Seven fun games to practice and learn languages

    Selingua is a helpful, free Windows game, that belongs to the category PC games with subcategory Educational.

  12. Advertisement-Free Brain-Training Application for Smartphones and Personal Computers

    Modern gaming applications do not necessarily have to revolve around hours of mindless entertainment. If you are looking to improve your mental acuity, this...

  13. Fun and exciting math game for young students

    The Abacus Project is an engaging learning game intended to be used by young mathematics students. Developed by Ingenuity Works, there are packages available...

  14. Learn multiplication with some help from your computer

  15. Cool Game for Art Lovers

    Engare is an art based game that also allows players to embrace their inner artist. The game is based on the beauty of Islamic geometric art and allows...

  16. Teach your Toddler in Human World for Kids, Educational Games for Babies

    Human World for Kids, Educational Games for Babies is designed to help very small children learn. It uses sounds and images to introduce children to things...

  17. Pit Science Against Horrors in Tesla vs Lovecraft

    Tesla vs Lovecraft is an arena shooter with a wacky spin on two famous historical figures. As the title suggests, it pits inventor Nikola Tesla against...

  18. Educational Game for Kids

    Madagascar Math Ops is a maths puzzle game that stars the Madagascar Penguins, the game features cute and colourful graphics to help children learn how to...

  19. A short experience with NASA on the Space Station

    Ever wanted to experience space? The world of video games isn't short of space experiences, but they're nearly all science fiction, and usually involve...