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  1. Teach your Toddler in Human World for Kids, Educational Games for Babies

    Human World for Kids, Educational Games for Babies is designed to help very small children learn. It uses sounds and images to introduce children to things...

  2. Cool Game for Art Lovers

    Engare is an art based game that also allows players to embrace their inner artist. The game is based on the beauty of Islamic geometric art and allows...

  3. Kitsune

    • 4.1
    • (8 votes)

    Are you good at numbers?

    I'm not particularly very good at maths. I need a calculator for the simplest operation - not to mention mental calculations. This is why Kitsune may be a...

  4. Privates

    • 2.8
    • (27 votes)

    Humorous sex education game

    Privates is a platform shoot 'em up that aims to teach young people about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases. Play as Captain Sterling and his...

  5. Control a Pizza shop and try to build a successful business

  6. Immersive and Educational Virtual Reality Science Program

    Mankind is only now beginning to unlock the secrets of the universe. We Are Stars is an interactive and educational game which allows participants to better...

  7. Escape from each level using your logic

  8. Learn multiplication with some help from your computer

  9. A free program for Windows, by 11K Studio.

    Life: The Game is a free program for Windows, that makes part of the category 'Educational'.

  10. Educational Game for Kids

    Spelling Center is an educational game that provides toddlers and young children with a fun way to learn the spelling of various different words. The game...

  11. Educational game for Children

    Superkids - Learn Additions is a vibrant game that has been created to make mathematics learning fun for young children. The game is presented by two...

  12. Free and User-Friendly Open-Source Information Storage Software

    DokuWiki is a viable solution for anyone who has been looking for an intuitive and user-friendly means to store retrievable information. Clean syntax entry...

  13. Cool Game for Adventure Fans

    Penny Black is a text based adventure game where players get to take on the role of the sassy Penny Black character. The story is delivered through lines of...

  14. A Fun Drawing Game That’s Also Educational

    Connect the Dots is a colorful and fun game that introduces your kids to the world of diverse animals. The game would help your kids get familiar with...

  15. Free and Intuitive Software to Store Important Information

    wikidPad is a great option for anyone who has ever been searching for a means to store information which can be cross referenced when required. It is...

  16. Capture pictures of birds when they cross your screen