Download File Transfer Protocol - Best Software & Apps | 2

  1. Write programming and website code with this free editor

    Many people use Notepad++ to write programming code, but if you are looking to write programming code and web code, then you can do both with the Bluefish...

  2. Amaya - Web Browser Editor That Follows W3C Standards

    The Amaya application is a free open-source Web browser editor that supports HTML 4.01, XHTML Basic, XHTML 1.1, MathML 2.0, and many CSS 2 features. The...

  3. Simple code editor for writing a selection of programming languages

  4. Easily synchronize dates between folders

  5. Quickly transfer files across the Internet

  6. Make backup copies of files and directories on a local network

    Second Copy is a nice, trial version software only available for Windows, being part of the category Security software with subcategory Security Backups.

  7. Free and safe online storage solution

    Koofr is a cloud-based storage solution that gathers together all of a user's files from multiple locations into one place. This means that instead of having...

  8. Everything you need to create your website easily

  9. Original FTP client with diverse functionality

  10. Complete and intuitive FTP client

  11. Quick FTP file transfer

  12. Complete FTP client with interesting features