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  1. Photos deleted by mistake? Recover them now!

    When you mistakenly delete some of your dearest photos from the camera or any removable device you feel like the most stupid person in the world. You would...

  2. Spectrum

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    Pick Out the Perfect Colour Palette with Spectrum

    Spectrum is an app designed to help you to create colour schemes. Whatever your purpose, this tool can let you assemble a colour palette that works.

  3. A Quick and Easy Way to Make Oil Paintings out of Digital Photos

    PhotoArtista – Oil is a tool that transforms any digital photo into an oil painting or a piece of art. The conversion to the art form is automatic, and there...

  4. Digital Image filtering Software for Personal and Professional Use

    While programs such as GIMP and Adobe Photoshop provide a host of image-editing options, neither of these are solely focused around filter effects alone....

  5. Stay inspired thanks to Muzli 2

    For creative people, including designers, writers, artists and even developers, one of the biggest challenges is staying inspired. The hard work that goes...

  6. PabloDraw

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    Take your ASCII art to a new level

    ASCII art has been getting a lot of attention in the media lately, not least over at OnSoftware. This art form is an method of creating pictures using only...

  7. My PaintBrush - Create and edit digital drawings in no time!

    My PaintBrush helps users create stunning digital drawings and artwork in very little time, the application comes with a great selection of tools that make...

  8. Express Your Creativity For Free With Logo Maker Graphic Design Generator Logo Art

    If you are looking for an easy to use and free application for creating your next business logo, Logo Maker Graphic Design Generator Logo Art is just the app...

  9. Generate beautiful graphics from special written code

    There are many graphic editors in the software universe. I bet you can name a few right now. But I also bet you don't know any as original as Context Free...