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  1. Easy yet powerful RAW photo editor

    RAW formats have evolved from being a professional-only feature to being supported by most digital cameras nowadays. The only problem is that they need...

  2. Quick, simple chart editor

    Graphs Made Easy is a simple graph editor with which you can create all sorts of charts and graphs to visualize your data.The charts you create with Graphs...

  3. Quick yet powerful digital photo editor

    Most graphics editors are massive apps that require advanced photo editing knowledge, take a while to boot up and we don't really use all of their...

  4. Free image editor very similar to Photoshop

    When it comes to photo editing, the undisputed king is Photoshop. But if you're looking for a cheaper alternative that can give you the same – or at least...

  5. ImageWell

    • 3.6
    • (27 votes)

    Lightweight and powerful image editor

    Looking for an image editor that isn't bloated but is easy to use and powerful? ImageWell may be your answer.ImageWell can resize, crop, rotate your images...

  6. Add effects and modify your photos with ease

  7. Add dream effects to your digital photos

    DreamLight Photo Editor allows you to add dreamlike effects to your digital photos.As long as you have some degree of artistic talent, it's possible to give...

  8. EVE

    • 4.1
    • (6 votes)

    Tiny editor for vector graphics

    Dealing with vector graphics usually sees RAM and CPU's sucked into a void that only the toughest can make it out of. But imagine if you could deal with...

  9. VieasEx
    • 3.1
    • (6 votes)

    A modest but effective image editor

    VieasEx is an image viewer with editing functions designed to make minor edits without having to resort to heavy or complex programs like Photoshop. With...

  10. Honeycam is animated GIF maker and editor software. Users can capture their computer screen and save it as GIF, WebP, WebM.

  11. WebPlus

    • 2.9
    • (40 votes)

    Create a website without any programming knowledge

    WebPlus Starter Edition is a great tool to create websites and pages from a visual point of view, allowing you to produce professional content without...

  12. Graphic editor with many functions and tools

    Bug fixes

  13. Portable photo viewer and editor with support for layers

    StylePix Portable is a special version of StylePix that you can carry around on your USB memory device and which doesn’t require installation to use.When it...

  14. Pixelitor

    • 3
    • (52 votes)

    A simple yet powerful photo editor

    At first sight, Pixelitor doesn't seem a promising app. But after using it for a while, you’ll soon discover this free image editor is in fact quite...

  15. PixelStyle Photo Editor for Mac is an excellent and all-in-one photo editing and graphic design software.

    Photo Editor PixelStyle is not a Photoshopping tool, but it is a photo editing tool that allows you to correct images and create graphical or photographic...

  16. Xbox Avatar Editor

    The Xbox Avatar Editor is an application that lets you create, edit, and share avatars. Available for Windows 10 and Xbox One, this application offers...

  17. PhotoBulk

    • 3.5
    • (22 votes)

    PhotoBulk is a bulk image editor that lets you add watermark, resize, and optimize hundreds of photos in just one click

  18. Easy photo and drawing editor with varied tools

    HeliosPaint is a basic editor that allows you not only to draw anything from scratch, but also to add some easy effects to your pictures in a couple of...

  19. Enhance photos with this simple editor

    Enhancing photos is an essential part of any professional photographer's day and while this is no professional tool by a long stretch, it gives amateurs a...

  20. A Trial version Design & photography program for Windows

    Photo Make Up Editor is a handy, trial version Windows software, being part of the category Design & photography software with subcategory Graphics Editors...